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Bin Systems

HiTech designs bin systems for strength and versatility.  These bins are designed, engineered and coated to store a wide range of products or any free-flowing, dry granular commodity. We build with industrial gauge steel and offer a variety of coating options to ensure years of trouble-free storage.

Bin / Shed Combinations

We use the finest products from Ranco, Meridian and Doyle to bring you the right bin and shed combination to meet your needs.

maintenance and construction
shed system

Shed Systems

HiTech builds shed systems to ensure long life and worry free use.  With heavy beam support structures, support towers, and catwalk trusses, HiTech builds structures with craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Blending Systems

HiTech Installations provides a variety of Declining Weigh and Volumetric Blenders and Batch Blending Systems. We offer the latest technology for reducing variability.

blending systems
design and engineering

Quality Craftsmanship

HiTech’s Craftmanship is second to none when it comes to details. We use heavier supporting subgrades and reinforcing rods, sheeted outer walls and ceilings and much more. See some of our quality components here.