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Blending Systems

Declining Weigh & Volumetric Blending Systems

When Craftsmanship Counts, we use Ranco’s Multi-Blender Declining Weigh blending systems, combined with the newest MeshDCS wireless operating system.  This ‘DW’ declining weigh system weighs the output of each product as it’s blending. It continually adjusts every few seconds throughout the run for any variability caused by density or flowability changes.

The Ranco Multi-Blender is a departure from the normal batch and tumble mixers. The Multi-Blender is a volumetric unit, which continuously blends the desired products.  The major advantages of this blender are the speed in which a truckload can be blended and the quality of blend even when adding small amounts of product. Every product is continuously metered into a common blend auger, which means it’s evenly distributed throughout the entire blend.

Batch Blenders

Hi Tech supplies and installs a wide variety of Doyle batch blending systems.   Horizontal rotary, or vertical blenders in a number of sizes.   We can help integrate these blenders into your existing operation in a variety of configurations.